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Java Assignment Operators Explained

Operators are a basic building block of Java programming. They allow you to perform various mathematical and logical operations on data, which can then be used to produce a result.

The most common operators in Java are the + (plus) operator, the – (minus) operator, the * (multiplication) operator, and the / (division) operator. These operators work with numbers and strings respectively.

You can use these operators together to create complex logic statements that will carry out specific tasks. For example, the following code will add 1 to every number in a list:

list = new ArrayList(); 




list.add(4); // Result: “five”, “six”, “seven”, “eight”

Another example is the condition statement, which allows you to check whether a certain condition is satisfied before carrying out some action or returning a result: 

if (condition) { // Do something } else { // Return false if condition isn’t satisfied }

Java Assignment Helper

Java Assignment Operators Example

The Java assignment operators are essential for working with Java data structures and statements. They allow you to assign a value to a variable, perform an operation on two variables, or perform an operation on a variable and its contents.

Here’s a list of the Java assignment operators: 

– = (equal) – Sets the value of the left operand to the value of the right operand 

– + (add) – Adds the values of both operands together 

– – (subtract) – Subtracts the value of the left operand from the value of the right operand 

– * (multiply) – Multiplies the values of both operands together 

– / (divide) – Divides the value of the left operand by the value of the right operand

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Java Assignment Helper

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Java Assignment Helper

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